The leading new marijuana theme crypto DOOBIE Token, with 4% auto reflection back to DOOBIE hodlers! Get on the rocket to the moon with the new DOOBIE Token, and start helping to burn some DOOBIE's today! - - - October, Major News Update: DOOBIE TOKEN Burns 42 Billion Doobie Tokens and Prepares For Actual Launch!


Token sale begins in

$0.00 pledged of 420 BNB goal

Decentralized Launch
Initial Decentralized Exchange Launch Pending on
BNB/BSC based for lowest fees and fastest transactions.
4% Reflection
The system pays a 4% reflection straight back to DOOBIE Token hodlers per transaction.
Liquidity and Charity/Promo Fee
DOOBIE Token also has a 4% Liquidity Fee and a 2% fee for charity and promotions, for maximum liquidity and DOOBIES Token's for all!

What are DOOBIE Tokens and DOOBIE NFT's?

DOOBIE Tokens are the leading marijuana theme crypto token, with 4% back to holders. also featuring DOOBIESWAP NFT's, premier ganja and weed theme NFT's, coming soon.

Why Choose Our Token

DOOBIESwap on your mobile
Use the DOOBIESwap app to trade DOOBIE's
DOOBIES in your Wallet!
Put DOOBIES in your crypto Wallet!
Inflation Protect your crypto portfolio
Protect your crypto portfolio by owning deflationary DOOBIE's
Exchange DOOBIE'S
Exchange DOOBIE's with your friends on pancakeswap and other exchanges!

Our Technology

We use the most popular BNB/BSC Smart Chain and "safemoon" type reflection technology to benefit the DOOOBIE TOKEN Hodlers and Community! Join Today!

Timely Token
There is no better time to get in on the decriminalization or Marijuana and massive growth of the industry!
4% Back!
DOOBIE TOKEN has an amazing 4% Reflection back to token Owners. That means anyone who owns a token, gets part of 4% per any transaction in the network.
Easy Exchange
Easily exchange, swap, stake and farm your DOOBIE tokens on DOOBIESwap and PancakeSwap!
Viral Growth Nature
Spread the word about DOOBIE's and watch the viral nature of the grassroots movement take root!

IDO Token Details

Our Token presale is pending to launch on the DXSale.APP.

Oct 22 - Oct 23
Open FairLaunch Presale on DXSale.APP
To Be Determined at Launch - symbol: (DOOBIE)
Oct 22, 2021 (4:20PM GMT)
Oct 23, 2021 (Approx 9:00PM GMT)
Acceptable currencies
Number of tokens for sale
Approx. 357 Billion out of 420 Billion (42 Billion Burned)
Tokens exchange rate
1 BNB = ~25 Mn DOOBIE
MIN/MAX Transaction
.01 BNB / 4 BNB

DOOBIE Token Presale Info




Frequently Questions

DOOBIE Tokens BNB/BSC based crypto tokens with 4% reflection back to owners.

In total, there are only 420 Billion DOOBIE Tokens.  Also, over 42 Billion have been burned, shrinking the remain pool.

DOOBIE Token’s presale is coming soon.  Then once it launches and opens up for trading, then the chart will start showing trades.

To get in early, go to the presale once it opens.

The Official (DOOBIE) token address is: 0x6d5b90272d430a3dec24bc8beb519c3b72066bf5